The AGM site is closed for a few days - we will reopen on March 24 
Website is closed for a few days because we are on the road to the Baltimore Antique Arms Show.  Same drill as SOS; we don't want to risk double-selling items, so safer to close the site for a few days.  Only difference this time is that I neglected to make a cool 'we will return' catalog image, so we will use the old tried-and-true TESTING screen image!
We are also migrating email to a new system, so I suspect there will be a few days when emails will be in that gray area between realms.  If you need us, call the office at 1-800-233-1918.  There will still be folks here, and they can get a message to us while we are out and about.

Thank you for your patience during our travels!  I guarantee - we are out hunting interesting things for Catalog 122!!