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Catalog 120 opens on Thursday September 22 at 3:00 pm US central time. 
So, what do you need to know about this issue?
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120 Highlights:
As a catalog develops, they each seem to take on a somewhat unique personality.  The theme that is prominent in 120 is that tough lesson so eloquently expressed in Scarface, and referenced more recently in the Narcos series: "Don't get high on your own supply."  There are a bunch of items in Catalog 120 that I had originally purchased for the business, but then found myself severely tempted... and so they hung around the office, never quite making it to a catalog (aw, shucks.)  However, I do believe that as a seller it is important to stick to a fairly limited and pre-defined collections policy.  Otherwise you keep all of the best stuff, the business becomes a lower priority than your own collecting desires - and it shows.  That's just not productive.  So, reluctantly, there are some special pieces in here that were well on their way to becoming permanent residents at AGM HQ!
In addition to the items rescued from alter-ego Gollum, 120 will contain a small Civil War collection that was assembled by Robert Sterling, one of the History Department professors at Eastern Illinois University.  In my short time at that institution, I did not get to know the man other than to say "hello" in the hallways, and I very much regret that oversight.  What an interesting fellow!  Bob Sterling was a WWII Army Air Force veteran, a talented historian, and had a second career with ABC and CBS Sports (auto racing.)  
120 also includes items from the collection of John Andrews, a talented artist and author who was the Airborne historian for the Company of Military Historians for many years.  There is a nice selection of Imperial German uniforms and headgear, and several attractive WWI Aviator wings from the collection of Terry Morris, Vietnam helicopter pilot and author of United States Army Air Service Wing Badges: Uniforms, and insignia, 1913-1918.  In 120 you will also find a nice array of Imperial Japanese militaria, including some good bayonets, nice helmets, and several yosegaki hinomaru (good luck flags), one of which is rather special in a 'cheeky' sort of way.
120_PVS_01 120_PVS_02
120_PVS_03 120_PVS_04 2
120_PVS_05 120_PVS_06
120_PVS_07 120_PVS_08 2
120_PVS_09 120_PVS_10
120_PVS_11 120_PVS_12
Those are just a few of the images that appealed to me while cruising through Anna's photos.  So what else will you find on Catalog 120?
Coming up on Sept. 22: Catalog 120 will include:
  • Indian Wars - Spanish-American War Medal Group: Lieutenant Colonel Henry Sayles Kilbourne
  • Belgian 1914 Era 2nd Guides Regiment Lieutenant's Tunic & Cap
  • 1893 Experimental Bell Entrenching Tool
  • WWII 442nd Regimental Combat Team Soldier's Ike Jacket: Nicely Identified
  • AEF Aviator's English-Made Uniform & Bullion Pilot Wing
  • WWI Quaker American Friends Service Committee Identified Uniform Set
  • WWII West Virginia Trades School Fighting Knife
  • Army Air Corps Distinguished Aerial Bomber Badge BB&B c. 1929-1932
  • WWII 17th Airborne Paratrooper's Reinforced Jump Jacket & Trousers: Operation Varsity
  • WWII Medic's Painted M1 Helmet
  • WWII Airborne Officer's M2 Paratrooper Helmet w/ St. Clair Liner & M3 Fighting Knife
  • WWII 82nd Airborne Jump Jacket & Trousers
  • Canadian WWII RCAF Distinguished Flying Cross Medal Group
  • WWII 82nd Airborne 504th PIR Reinforced Jump Jacket
  • Guard Jäger Battalion 1915 Enlisted Issue Waffenrock
  • Prussian M1894 1st Guard Regiment Grenadier Helmet
  • Civil War US M1851 Infantry Overcoat
  • Civil War M1860 Staff & Field Sword: Presented to Illinois Brigadier General Isham N. Haynie
  • WWI Tanker's Splinter Mask
  • British Early Pattern 1907 Bayonet w/ Hooked Quillon: Grenadier Guards
  • SS Double-Decal Reissue M35 Helmet
  • SS Honor Ring: Gellert 1944
  • Kriegsmarine M40 Single Decal Helmet
  • Army Aufklärungs / Kradschützen Panzer Wrap
  • Prussian 1st Guard Regiment Enlisted Service Tunic: Machine Gun Company
  • Imperial German U-Boat Captain's Dress Frock Coat And Sword Belt
  • Marinekorps Flandern Enlisted Overcoat
  • Württemberg Grenadier Regiment 119 Officer's Vereinfachte Feldrock c. 1915
  • AEF 332nd Infantry Officer's Uniform Coat
  • British WWI Royal Welsh Fusiliers Captain's Cuff Rank Tunic
  • WWI Mark I 1918 Trench Knife & Scabbard: L.F.&C 1918
  • Post-WWII 82nd Airborne 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment M1C Helmet
  • AEF 77th Division 306th Field Artillery YMCA Secretary's Uniform Group
  • WWI Air Service Pilot Wing by Robbins
  • WWI Air Service Pilot Wing by Shreve & Co.
  • WWI Air Service Pilot Wing by Link
  • WWI Air Service Pilot Wing by Eisenstadt
  • Austro-Hungarian 89th Infantry Regiment Officer's M1908 Overcoat: 1914 Date
  • Segeltuchtasche 16 Gummimaske Canvas Belt Carrier & Partial Contents
  • Philippine Insurrection Era 1899 Pattern Campaign Hat
  • Early Production US Model 1903 Springfield Rifle w/ Bayonet, Scabbard & Sling
  • British WWII RAF Distinguished Flying Medal and Document Group: 77 Squadron
  • Pre-War Brunswick Infantry Regiment 92 Gefreiter's Tunic and Visor Cap
  • WWII 11th Airborne 462nd PFAB Jump Uniform with Research: Corregidor KIA
  • Prussian Napoleonic Campaign Medal Group
  • Japanese WWII Double Barrel Shotgun Bayonet Adapter (LB#246)
  • WWII AAF 701st Bombardment Squadron A-2 Flight Jacket
  • Luftwaffe Camouflage Painted M35 Helmet
  • Jäger zu Pferde Regiment No. 6 Enlisted Waffenrock
  • Japanese WWII Vice and Rear Admiral Flags: US Marine's Souvenir
  • Imperial German Navy Sailor's Uniform: Helgoland Coastal Artillery
  • Prussian Technical Troops Officer's Field Gray Tunic
  • Baden 14th Field Artillery (1st Baden) Hauptmann's M15 Bluse
  • Civil War US Artillery Shell Jacket: Unissued Condition
  • Augusta Arsenal Rebuilt Inland M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine
  • Civil War 2nd Model Maynard Carbine
  • Civil War M1816 Conversion: P.&E.W. Blake 1830 with Ohio Inventory Mark
  • German South-West Africa Colonial Schutztruppe Cartridge Belt
  • WWI Air Service Italian Made Bullion Pilot Wings Attributed to Caproni Bomber Pilot
  • Boxer Rebellion - WWI Imperial German Naval Medal Group and Archives
  • 1918 Royal Air Force Trench Art Propeller Mantle Clock
And much.. much.... MUCH more!  

We look forward to hearing from you on Thursday September 22!

Best regards,


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