Text AGM to 67076 
From time to time we hear from customers who did not receive their email notice of a new catalog opening.  In nearly every circumstance, we find that they are on the list, and the email was sent.  But they didn't get it. 

Why not?

Most of the time it is a spam issue.  Sometimes the notices are caught up by the customer's own email program.  Sometimes it doesn't even get that far, the message is zapped by their internet service provider before it even hits the customer's 'spam' folder.  Every once in a while, someone will call or write - fuming mad - and it turns out that they had previously hit "unsubscribe" on one of our notices.  Or, for whatever reason, their email bounced on a previous catalog announcement campaign, and so the bulk email service has them on a 'bounce list', and though they are still on our mailing list, they don't get messages any longer.  

How do we fix this?  

One of our USAF friends suggested that we use the same system that they have been using when they need to recall everyone to the squadron on short notice.  Telephone trees and emails are apparently very old school, and the best, most efficient system his unit has found to get a message to everyone is the text message.  We tried it, and it works like a charm.  It's FREE to you, unless your carrier charges you to receive texts, which is of course between you and your carrier.  

Even if you are already getting the email notifications, signing up will help ensure that you never miss out.  Simply text AGM to 67076, and you're done.  That's it.  I promise, we will not bombard you with texts; just one notification per new catalog opening.