Our programmer Josh has solved a number of these IE 10 issues, and is in testing now to find any others that remain.  If you encounter a problem, please email us so that we can look into it.  We should have any and all IE 10 compatibility issues resolved within a day or so.
Apparently a new version of Internet Explorer is causing trouble with the AGM website, (and gazillions of other websites on the net as well.)  A customer was having trouble logging in.  He would enter his email, then his password, click "agree" to the terms, and then when he clicked the "login" button, it simply returned him to the login page with empty text boxes.  Frustrating!  We have been able to duplicate the problem on Anna's machine which has the new IE 10 browser installed.  She had the same issue.   
Our website developers tell us that IE 10 is causing trouble with lots of websites, and they are working on a programming solution.  However, in the meantime there are several options to solve this one yourself. 
Option 1: Use IE's broken page tool.

This is located in the toolbar of your IE browser window.  The tool forces your Internet Explorer browser to render the web page you are viewing in an older version of IE, thus fixing some of the compatibility problems that exist.  This is not a permanent solution by any means, but as band-aids go, it is a pretty good one.

Option 2: Get another browser.  Or two.

Having two or even three alternative browsers on your machine will not hurt anything, and you will be surprised at how many websites look and work great in one, but not so much in others.  Here are two that we use all the time, that work particularly well with the AGM website as well as most others: