For those who were utilizing the Insider Online Militaria Show - we have taken it down for the time being in order to investigate bugs and reevaluate it's place on the website moving forward.  I still believe that it is a valid concept.. unfortunately it seems to require a staff of technical folks to operate which we simply don't have.  The website guys tell me that technology has evolved since we started this process, and there are easier ways, so at this point it will be an issue of deciding just how much more $$ we want to plow into this project.  All cards face-up on the table - I am going to be thoroughly occupied with trips, shows, Roadshow, the OVMS, and other obligations for the next few months, so we will likely not make any final decisions on this until later in the year.

As a part of this re-evaluation, we are considering a different (and I think much better) option for the Insider preview for the AGM catalog, and improvements for the doughboy database and AGM archives database.  The end result will be a much better Insider.  The only component that is being considered for dismissal is the Online Show.  I will keep everyone updated via announcements here.

In the meantime, if you have purchased a table at the online show, be aware that we will pause those subscriptions.  I don't want to be charging you for something that is not operational.  I will be on the road for most of this month, so if your renewal comes up during the month of May, it will likely process, but be refunded.   

I sincerely appreciate the interest that you all have shown in this idea!  Stay tuned for updates.