CATALOG #107 posts FRIDAY May 25
3:00 PM US Central Time


Our new catalog will open on Friday, May 25 at 3:00 pm US Central Time.

Remember: to give everybody the best possible chance, we do not sell anything before the catalog opens.  In fact, we remain closed to phone traffic and emails on Monday until the exact moment that the new catalog opens.

So, if it is 3:00 pm in Missouri.. what time is that where you live?
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Want to see the printed version of the new AGM catalog 
before it opens on the web?
Now you can! Click here for more details.
Catalog 107 will be a bit different than previous issues; this one features a large collection of WWI US enlisted collar insignia.  

We were working on a regular catalog when these came in, but there are so many discs here (over 1300 of them), to cause us to break from the new paradigm of putting all of the new items first in to the 'New Listings' category.  We realized that 1300+ discs would make digging through that one giant category in search of items from other areas of interest more than a bit frustrating, so the decision was made to treat the disc collection essentially as a unique stand-along catalog.
The regular inventory will still be on the website in the appropriate categories, and rather than use the 'New Listings' section, the collar discs will all be located here - in the very mysteriously-titled "WWI Collar Insignia" category.  Just sort of blows the mind, right?

So, when you log on to the website and look at the category page, if you are a buyer for WWI collar discs, here is where you want to go:
Catalog 107 will have over 1300 discs available, ranging from simple "US" and branch of service discs, French and German made examples, a number of scarce and unusual discs, Pioneer Infantry, US Marine Corps, Coast Artillery companies, Cavalry, 92nd Division and 332 discs, and quite a few US, National Army, and National Guard numbered discs.  There is also a fairly substantial selection of State service discs, including some state seals.  The collection also contains a fairly impressive number and variety of the 'secret picture' discs. 

The cover image that we used is actually from a previous disc collection catalog which we offered about a decade ago (wow - time flies when you are having fun!)  I have always been very fond of that image, though, and was glad to have a chance to use it again.  For preview purposes, here are some selected images of discs that are on 107:
We look forward to hearing from you on Friday!

Best regards,

Jeff Shrader


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