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Our new catalog will open on Monday, August 28 at 3:00 pm US Central Time.

Remember: to give everybody the best possible chance, we do not sell anything before the catalog opens.  In fact, we remain closed to phone traffic and emails on Monday until the exact moment that the new catalog opens.

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Great news - Our June catalog will be released next Monday!  But it's nearly the end of August?  Well yes, there is that.  I hope that you find that it was well-worth the wait.

According to the Professor Google, the extended family of an ancient Greek philosopher named Heraclitus still owns the residuals for "Change is the only constant thing in life."  That quote certainly applies to AGM, and so I guess using it here was worth the 2 Drachma.

So what is changing at AGM?  Lots of stuff.  To begin with, you might not have noticed since the fact that you are reading this, but Catalog 103 was the last hurrah of the big color cover print catalog.  We have known that a move away from print was inevitible, but old habits die hard.  Turns out that 95% of our customers are online, and simply were using the arrival of a print catalog in the mail as a reminder to go look at the website.  That's a might expensive postcard!  Catalog #104 was a trial run for web-only, and we found that it went every bit as well as any other catalog.  I hate to see the print issues go, but this change saves a lot of $$, and makes pre-catalog prep work much easier as well.  

The new plan is to offer 200-300 item updates on a more frequent basis, rather than waiting to accumulate 500-700 items for a full catalog.  There will still be the occasional long interval between updates, since the spring is filled with travel to militaria shows, and the summer is taken by our Roadshow gig, but in theory, we should be able to do a better job of keeping the site filled with new stuff.
One thing that you will notice right off the bat on Monday is that starting on Catalog 105, there is a new category on the catalog main page.  "New Listings" is where you will find the new stuff (imagine that), with everything else that is currently available listed in the regular categories.  After a few days (maybe two or three, maybe a week - we haven't decided yet), the "New Listings" category will disappear, and everything will be integrated into the regular item categories. 

The 'print preview' version WILL still be available on Monday at 9:00 am on the AGM Insider page.  What will that look like this time, since the actual print catalog no longer exists?  Dunno.  I suppose I have about 3 days, 5 minutes, and 17 seconds to get that figured out!
peanut 2 There are a bunch of exciting new items coming out on Catalog #105, but "Mr. Peanut" is one that we are particularly pleased to offer.  It is a wonderful and rare artifact, and probably the best example that any of us are ever likely to see.  However, I think a large part of our enthusiasm for this one is also because finding this gem rescued a trip that was otherwise starting to look a bit grim.

To read the whole tale, and find out why we have been calling this "Mr. Peanut", check out the Advance Guard Militaria Facebook page

In fact, if you haven't already added that to your 'liked' or 'followed' Facebook pages, please do so.  Another planned change here is to do a better job of keeping our friends and customers informed using that platform.  Time permitting, I may post a few more item-specific previews there over the weekend.
Catalog 105 contains around 330 new listings.  Here are some of the highlights!  These by no means reflect the whole catalog, or even necessarily the 'best' items.  They were simply images that stood out among Anna's photos.  
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105_4 105_5
105_6 105_7
105_8 105_9
We are just starting to process some of the collections that have come in over the past few busy months!  Here are just a couple of hints at what is to come:
332 2
This was part of a collection that we purchased in January.  You will find a number of WWI US 332nd Infantry and American Ambulance Service uniforms on Catalog #105, and more will be out on #106 later this year.  Couldn't resist taking this photo - these guys had the prettiest patch in the AEF, and they sure do look good all in a row!

Also coming up on #106 later in the year (and #107, 108, 109, etc.) will be a spectacular collection of Trench Art.
Coming up on Monday: Catalog 105 highlights include:
  • Imperial Marksman's Schutzschild, aka the 'Elephant Plate'
  • WWII 3rd Battalion 508th Parachute Infantry Regimented Unit Painted M1C Helmet
  • WWII Counterintelligence Corps Agent Ib Melchior's Archive & Engraved PPK Pistol
  • Third Reich & Imperial German Personality Autograph Collection
  • Infantry Branch Colored M1880 1st Contract Mills Belt Modified With Holster Strap
  • M1911 Experimental Cavalry Saber
  • Patterson Experimental Intrenching Tool: c. 1898
  • M1905/06 Experimental Cavalry Saber
  • RAF Uniform of W/O Wiktor Swierkowski, Polish Spitfire Pilot in 316 Squadron
  • WWI AEF 248th Aero Squadron NCO's Uniform Group
  • Spanish American War Navy Web and Leather Lee Cartridge Belt
  • Austrian WWI Armor Brow Plate for the Berndorfer Helmet
  • WWI 37th Division 136th Field Artillery Officer's Uniform Group
  • Prussian WWI Generalmajor's M1916 Field Gray Tunic
  • Luftwaffe Göring Division M40 Helmet: Tropical Camouflage with Chicken Wire
  • Army Officer's Dagger with Custom Acid-Etch Blade
  • WWI 332nd Infantry Officer's Uniform: Lt. Earl B. Kennedy of Co. I
  • WWI American Ambulance Service (Italy) Soldier's Uniform & Painted Helmet
  • CAC Officer's German-Made Deluxe Presentation M1902 Saber & Medal Lot
  • Colonial Schutztruppe Veteran's Corduroy Uniform, Belt, & Hat
  • Free French Medical Volunteer's Uniform: Corps Féminin Français
  • French WWI M2 Gas Mask & Carrier: From American Norton-Harjes Ambulance Driver
  • NPEA Student Dagger: Bürgsmuller
  • NSKK Dagger: RZM 7/13 Schüttlehofer
  • WWI Experimental Helmet: Number 5
  • US Experimental Helmet: Number 5A
  • WWI QMC 329th Butchery Company NCO's Uniform
  • Canadian WWI 75th Battalion Soldier's Tunic
  • Canadian WWI 52nd Battalion (New Ontario) Painted Helmet
  • WWI Army Aviator's Wing Badge: Attributed to Jeweler G.W. Haltom of Fort Worth
  • Bavarian Reserve Artillery Officer's Ersatz Pickelhaube
  • Assault Troops / Machine Gunner 3rd Pattern Body Armor
  • WWI Mark I 1918 Trench Knife & Scabbard: L.F.&C 1918
  • Wehrmacht Field Medical Kit & Contents
  • M.16 Camouflage Helmet
  • Segeltuchtasche 16 Gummimaske Canvas Belt Carrier & Partial Contents
  • Prussian Enlisted Ersatz Cork Pickelhaube
  • Luftwaffe Pilot Badge: Junckers 'J2'
  • Wehrmacht Workshop Company Elaborate Trench Art Box / Desk Ornament
  • French WWI Jaeger Aircraft Tachometer
  • WWI 'Pershing Shoes' Trench Boots
  • Civil War Unit Marked Snare Drum: 9th New Hampshire
  • Imperial German M.16 Helmet Stirnpanzer Armored Brow Plate
  • Imperial German M.1913 Aviator Helmet
  • Minenwerfer Soldier's Oil Portrait
  • Greek WWI Beadwork Covered Canteen
  • Philippine Insurrection Hospital Steward's Uniform, Medals, & Documents
  • WWII AAF / Navy / Marine Corps Pilot's Seat Pack Parachute & Harness
  • WWI 2nd Division 2nd Engineer Soldier's Painted Helmet & Gas Mask
  • German Groma Typewriter With 'SS' Sig Runes Key
  • Second Pattern M1910 Canteen Cover with Early 'Flat Top' Canteen & Cup
  • WWII Hawley Fiber Liner for the M1 Helmet
  • WWII Army Pilot Wing: Luxenberg w/ Original Box
  • WWII 2nd Lieutenant's M1 Helmet with Hawley Liner
  • British WWI Trench Club
  • WWII WAAC Enlisted Winter Uniform Lot
  • 1832 Rifleman's Powder Flask
  • Serbian WWI Enlisted Sidecap
  • WWI 93rd Division 369th Infantry Uniform & Reunion Medal
And much.. much.... MUCH more!

Want to browse the print version of the catalog before the website opens?  Now you can!  Click here for more details.

We look forward to hearing from you on Monday!

Best regards,

Jeff Shrader


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