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Hello {FIRST_NAME|my friend}! 
You may remember from Catalog 105 that we have changed a few things about new catalogs.  Since it has been a few months since then, let's recap:
  • The print catalog is officially no more.  I hate to see it go, since print is the way that our business started, but it just makes sense.  95% of our sales are online, and that remaining 5% just doesn't justify the huge cost and effort of producing the print catalog.
  • We plan (I know, insert laugh track here) to start offering 200-300 item updates on a more frequent basis, rather than waiting around to accumulate 500-700 item full catalogs.  So far, that hasn't happened.  This year has been consistent with previous years - way too much time is spent on the road instead of at the desk.  But, that is the intent, for what it's worth.
  • ‚ÄčThe big change that was that was quite well-received on Catalog 105 will continue - there is a new category on the catalog main page for the first week of the new catalog.  "New Listings" is where you will find the new stuff (imagine that), with everything else that is currently available listed in the regular categories.  After the first week, the "New Listings" category will disappear, and everything will be integrated into the regular item categories.  Now, this did cause a few instances of panic last time - people were looking for stuff under the old categories, and when they didn't find it, assumed that absolutely everything had sold in the first 30 seconds.  THAT would be pretty cool.. but no, it was all in the "NEW LISTINGS" category.
  • The 'print preview' version WILL still be available on Monday at 9:00 am on the AGM Insider page.  Since we are no longer doing a print catalog, and thus not editing for space, last time I plugged some item images into the big gaping holes that I have spent the past 10 years trying to eliminate.  Worked pretty well, and you will find the same thing again this time.
Catalog 106 contains around 525 new listings.  Here are some of the highlights!  These by no means reflect the whole catalog, or even necessarily the 'best' items.  They were simply images that stood out when I was browsing Anna's photos.. and she is still working in the studio even now, so there will be plenty of surprises on #106!  These may run afoul of pop-up blockers, depending on your internet browser settings.  If you can't click to the larger versions here, they are also available on our Facebook page.  
106_S06 106_S04
106_S02 106_S08
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Aviation seems to be a big theme on Catalog 106, and when it opens on Monday you will have first shot at items from several different collections that came in to AGM in the last days of 2017.  Uniforms, painted helmets, and a very nice collection of WWI US, Imperial German, and RFC / RAF aviator flight helmets are among the highlights. helmets_01_sm
TA_snake 2
Beginning with Catalog 106, we have the honor of handling our friend Jane Kimball's monumental collection of Trench Art.  Look for nice shells, of course, but also very interesting items like Turkish Prisoner of War beadwork, carved artwork from British internment camps for enemy POW's and detained citizens of the central powers nations, and other items that are not often encountered.  
trench_art 3
Jane did not collect solely for her own enjoyment; she wrote extensively on the subject, and published a massive reference entitled (of course) "Trench Art: An Illustrated History" in 2004.  In addition to this project, she traveled as far away as Istanbul as a guest lecturer.  Her collection is quite extensive, and contains a number of very unusual pieces.  Catalog #106 is but the first installment; look for lots of trench art on subsequent listings.
Coming up on Monday: Catalog 106 highlights include:
  • WWI Visored Experimental Helmet: Pattern No. 8
  • Model 1872 Brush and Shoe Pouch
  • WWI 332nd Infantry NCO's Tunic With Numbered Disc
  • WWI 139th Pursuit Squadron Pilot's Uniform: Three Victories
  • Serbian WWI Army Captain's Tunic
  • British Victorian Sussex Artillery Officer's Dress Cartouche Pouch
  • WWII US Aircraft Fabric Star Insignia: c. June 1943 - August 1943
  • WWI US Army Aviator's British-Style Coat With Eisenstadt 'Moustache' Wing
  • Full Röhm Inscription SA Dagger: E. Pack & Söhne
  • Infantry Regiment 468 Leutnant's M1907/10 Field Gray Tunic
  • RFC / Commonwealth WWI Aviator's Cowl Flying Helmet & Mark II Goggle Mask
  • M1936 Chained SS Dagger
  • Luftwaffe Aviator's Fleece Flying Suit, Belt, & Boots
  • WWI 332nd Infantry Regiment Captain's Uniform
  • WWI Tank Corps NCO's Group with Painted Jerkin
  • Baden 111th Infantry Regiment Unteroffizier's Field Gray M1907/10 Tunic
  • RAD Leader's Dagger & Hangers: With Alcoso Tag & Felt Bag
  • Imperial 12th Hussar Officer's Field Gray Attila
  • Indian Wars M1880 Hunting Knife & 1st Model Short Loop Leather Scabbard
  • Imperial 7th Hussars Enlisted Issue Field Gray Attila
  • M37 Ankle Boots & Gamaschen
  • French Elaborate Crawling Snake Carved Walking Stick: Souvenir of Aisne 1917
  • WWII Polish Armed Forces in the West Officer's Coat
  • Machine Gunner's M1901 Issue Entrenching Tool With Cover
  • Imperial German Aviator's Summer Flying Helmet & Goggles
  • Imperial German M.1913 Aviator Helmet & Goggles
  • WWI US Aviator's Hard Shell Cowl Flight Helmet & Goggles
  • WWII US Navy West Coast Harbor Net Tender Insignia
  • RFC / Commonwealth WWI Aviator's Cowl Flying Helmet & Goggles
  • Social Welfare Officer's Dagger & Hangers
  • British WWI Military Cross
  • WWI 34th Division 109th Ammunition Train NCO's Trunk Group w/ Painted Helmet
  • WWII AAF 486th Bombardment Squadron & 340th Group Insignia Set
  • WWI 1st Corps 137th Engineers Uniform Group With Elaborate Painted Helmet
  • Canadian WWI 13th Battalion Painted Helmet
  • Deutsche Jägerschaft Official's Uniform: Coat & Trousers
  • NSDAP Ordensburg Sonthofen Student's Tunic
  • WWI Aviator's Leather Flying Coat
  • WWI 332nd Infantry Regiment Painted Helmet
  • WWI 54th Artillery CAC Soldier's Elaborate Painted Helmet: Named & Artist Signed
  • RADwJ Arbeitsmaid Uniform Coat
  • 1901 Experimental Dubuque Enameled Canteen
  • Imperial Aviation Insignia Maker's Sample Card: FW Assmann & Söhne
  • WWII AAF 321st Fighter Squadron A-2 Flight Jacket
  • WWI Balloon Corps Shoulder Insignia: Lt. Milton D. Sapiro, 26th Balloon Company
  • Indian Wars First Pattern M1880 Hunting Knife & Varney Scabbard
  • Wehrmacht Foreign Volunteer Russian Liberation Army Gymnastiorka
  • WWI 26th Balloon Company Soldier's Uniform Group With Rare Disc
  • WWI Port of Embarkation Soldier's Elaborate Painted Helmet
  • Schützen Regiment 74 Musician's M35 Waffenrock
  • WWI 25th Aero Squadron Camouflage Painted Helmet
  • WWI 59th Pioneer Infantry Lt.'s Camouflage Painted Trunk & Double-Patched Tunic
  • Imperial German Aviator's Cowl Type Flight Helmet & Goggles
  • RFC / Commonwealth WWI Aviator's Mark I Flying Helmet & Goggles
  • WWI 2nd Air Service Mechanics Regiment Major's Elaborate Painted Helmet
  • Combat Assault A-Frame Pack & Contents
  • Bavarian Gendarmerie Spiked Helmet
  • AEF 56th Coast Artillery Soldier's Souvenir German Trench Club
And much.. much.... MUCH more!

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Since the 'New Listings' category is filled with over 525 items, remember - it might be easier to browse by item list rather than by gallery.  Your choice, though, and you can easily toggle back from one to the other.

We look forward to hearing from you on Monday!

Best regards,

Jeff Shrader


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